Modern Prospecting

How to Create the Ultimate Client Experience


The traditional model of prospecting, which relied on face-to-face contact, is increasingly being replaced with more modern, tech savvy techniques. While tried and true prospecting and sales approaches may continue for some, the future is calling — and it’s not using a rotary phone.

Janus Henderson’s Modern Prospecting program leads participants through the process of expanding prospecting techniques to attract the clients wanted and not the clients that are “accidental.” Learn how to master the art of modern prospecting in the “new normal” and beyond.

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Contact your Janus Henderson sales director for more information about Modern Prospecting. Our program is designed to help how you approach prospecting to engage with clients and grow your business – in any environment.

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Systematically exceed client expectations and drive deep client loyalty by creating meaningful moments that clients talk about.

Let your passions ignite client acquisition by identifying and seeking out the attributes that matter.

Let your passions ignite client acquisition by identifying and seeking out the attributes that matter.

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