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Three Tiers of Retirement Income

A simple, yet powerful tool to help investors allocate money to generate the cash flow they need

In a low interest rate environment, generating income can be challenging for many retirees. As a result, the search for a competitive yield has led some investors to assume additional, but not always fully understood, risk.

The impact of these decisions is commonly felt during times of market volatility and prolonged economic stress and can quickly devastate a portfolio’s ability to generate sustainable, long-term cash flow.


Investors looking for income may benefit by implementing an entirely different approach to their investment decisions. The starting point is the recognition that income and yield are two entirely different concepts.

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Overall Morningstar Rating™ out of 295 Multisector Bond Funds, based on risk-adjusted returns. As of 12/31/2020.

Seeks high, current income with lower volatility than a dedicated high-yield strategy


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Investing across a wide range of fixed income securities, the Fund seeks income and total return while actively managing duration and credit exposure


Overall Morningstar Rating™ out of 322 Foreign Large Value Funds, based on risk-adjusted returns. As of 12/31/2020.

A high-conviction strategy that targets high, dependable income from high-yielding, high-quality global equities


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