Knowledge. Shared

At Janus Henderson, we believe in the sharing of expert insight for better investment and business decisions.

We call this ethos Knowledge. Shared.

In our view, knowledge is powerful when it is shared.

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Learn more about a selection of our featured active investment strategies.

Timely Perspectives

Read forward-looking views and market analysis of our investment teams.

Advisor Resources

Explore a wide curriculum of innovative tools that help you deepen your expertise and build your business with Knowledge Labs™.

Janus Henderson Investors

Formed in 2017 from the merger of Janus Capital Group (founded in 1969) and Henderson Global Investors (founded in 1934). We are focused on serving the interests of our clients, who:

  • Depend on us to act as thoughtful stewards of their capital, entrusting us with more than $370 billion of assets to help them achieve their investment and business objectives.
  • Seek added value from our active investment management, as we offer insight and originality blended with rigorous analysis, processes and risk management.
  • Choose from a broad array of investment strategies across equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternative asset classes through the Janus Henderson investment teams, as well as sub-advisors Perkins, Intech and Geneva.
  • Gain a competitive advantage from our real-time insights on the events, trends and innovations driving markets – a philosophy we call Knowledge. Shared, reflected both in how our investment teams interact and in our commitment to empowering clients in their decision-making.
  • Benefit from our high-impact business and life-enhancing programs through Knowledge Labs™ advisor resources, helping them compete, grow and succeed.

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Are Your Student Loans Forgivable?

Are Your Student Loans Forgivable?

Guidance on how to navigate the student loan debt forgiveness process through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

Keep the Seat Belts Fastened

Keep the Seat Belts Fastened

Gauging the potential for a sustained cross-asset recovery as the world adapts to a new paradigm where COVID-19 remains a persistent risk factor.

For Some Tech Giants, Innovation No Longer a Dilemma
Quick Views Technology

For Some Tech Giants, Innovation No Longer a Dilemma

With data and networks acting as valuable currency, today’s leading tech companies appear better positioned to maintain their innovative edge than previous generations of tech titans.