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2020 U.S. Election: Which Way Do Markets Turn?

Thursday, November 5

8 a.m. PT | 11 a.m. ET


The 2020 U.S. election comes at a historic time, with the global economy in the grips of a pandemic, central banks unleashing massive stimulus and trade relationships fraying. Drawing on decades of experience our panel of experts will help make sense of the election outcome and what it means for investors including:

  • The near-term outlook for major asset classes
  • Anticipated shifts in economic and monetary policy
  • What history tells us about election cycles and the value of maintaining a long-term perspective
  • Strategies for managing volatility while maintaining exposure to potential growth opportunities

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Women and Wealth: A Practical Approach to Financial Security at Any Age

Women investors face unique challenges when it comes to building wealth, financial planning and retirement. This presentation includes strategies to consider that will empower female clients to take control of their financial security.

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Finding Resiliency in Large-Cap Growth Amid the Global Pandemic

Risks and opportunities resulting from changing economic and market conditions, accelerating secular themes due to the global lockdown, strategic instead of tactical thinking and how long investing time horizons can benefit investors.

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Finding Long Term Value in Small Cap Stocks

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended financial markets, marking the end of the longest bull-run in history and a reversal of the recent good fortune experienced by U.S. equities.

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