What a Return to “Normal” Could Mean for Equities

Market volatility continues as some recently reopened areas of the U.S. and other countries experience a spike in new coronavirus cases. In our ongoing video series on COVID-19, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst Dan Lyons and Director of Research Matt Peron discuss the current state of the pandemic and what investors should consider as the economy tries to return to “normal.”

Key Takeaways

  • As global economies begin to reopen and progress is made on a COVID-19 vaccine, the question arises of when we can expect see a return to “normal,” especially amid rising case numbers in some areas.
  • From an investment perspective, we see opportunity in those companies that are temporarily dislocated as a result of the pandemic but have the potential to emerge from the crisis with their business models intact.
  • For many companies, we are cautiously optimistic that the long-term fundamental damage may not end up being as severe as originally feared. However, the impacts of COVID-19 will likely vary widely depending on the industry.

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