Stay on Track by Staying Diversified

Diversification can be especially valuable in turbulent and unpredictable markets. In addition to potentially helping reduce the overall risk and volatility of a portfolio, a diversified mix of asset classes and strategies that includes alternative investments may offer sources of positive expected return regardless of the broader market environment.

Uncommon Results Require Uncommon Strategies

To perform differently than the market, you have to invest differently. That’s why we offer solutions spanning both alternative and hedge fund risk premia. Over time, our strategies aim to realize low net exposure to equity and fixed income markets while also seeking to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Multi Strategy

This market-neutral, alternative strategy invests across a diversified set of bottom-up strategies combined with a top-down "protection" strategy.

Global Diversified Risk Premia 8%

This diversified portfolio of risk premia seeks absolute returns over a full market cycle and low correlations to equities and fixed income.

Our Investment Approach is Driven by Bold Thinking

We believe in confronting uncertainty head-on – not merely reacting to change but finding opportunity in it. Hear from our investment professionals on how they apply this approach in their fundamental research, part of an ethos we call
Knowledge. Shared.

A Case for Multi Strategy

Learn how well-constructed ‘Multi Strategy portfolios’ can deliver on the original objectives of institutional hedge fund programs.

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Trend is your friend

Can investors follow the pack and hope to outperform? In this article, Portfolio Managers Andrew Kaleel, Mathew Kaleel and Maya Perone investigate the characteristics of trend-following strategies and consider their potential value as part of a strategically positioned portfolio.

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Portfolio Hedging with a Low-Cost, Long Volatility Strategy

Diversified Alternatives Portfolio Managers Aneet Chachra and Steve Cain discuss key components of a low-cost, long volatility strategy designed to pay off strongly in a crisis and carry better than other hedges during non-crisis periods.

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