Consider new approaches in the quest for yield

As central banks around the globe cut interest rates in an effort to curtail slowing economic growth, the search for yield intensifies. As a result, many institutional investors have turned to higher-yielding private debt strategies to generate sufficient income to keep pace with spending needs.

Our Fixed Income experts discuss the challenges currently facing traditional core and core plus strategies and why more flexible, multi-sector strategies warrant consideration.

Flexible strategies to “strengthen the core”

Flexible multi-sector strategies may offer a new approach that seek to generate higher levels of consistent income without a substantial increase in volatility or risk. With a focus on identifying the best risk-adjusted opportunities across fixed income sectors, multi-sector strategies seek to increase yield without sacrificing the potential risk-reducing benefits of the asset class.

An Investment Approach Driven by Bold Thinking

We believe in confronting uncertainty head-on – not merely reacting to change but finding opportunity in it. Hear from our investment professionals on how they apply this approach in their fundamental research, part of an ethos we call
Knowledge. Shared.

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