Stay on the Right Side of Disruption

Disruption is rippling through the global economy at a rapid pace. Such dramatic change is being felt across industries and geographies, and potentially shaping the long-term performance of investors’ portfolios. At Janus Henderson, we use fundamental analysis in an effort to identify new investment opportunities and stay on the right side of disruption.

Three Major Trends Behind Disruption

We believe three megatrends are helping transform the global economy and creating new investment opportunities:

A Technological Revolution

Cloud computing, mobility, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are some of the powerful and investable trends reshaping the global economy.

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A New Era for Health Care

A growing understanding of the human genome and robust computing power are helping transform the health care sector unlike ever before.

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The New Digital Economy

Disruption is rewriting the rules of the global economy, with many players scrambling to catch up.

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Harness the Power of Disruption in Your Portfolio

By focusing on companies and industries that stand to benefit from disruptive forces, we think it’s possible to harness the innovation that is transforming the global economy.

US Concentrated Growth

A differentiated view from the market that focuses on identifying sustainable, competitively advantaged companies that we believe will position our investments to outperform the index over time.
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Global Technology and Innovation Strategy

A portfolio that balances resilience with optionality, investing in growth companies driving or benefiting from advances in technology.
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Global Life Sciences Strategy

Seeks to capitalize on companies developing innovative therapies addressing unmet medical needs or companies making health care more efficient.
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An Investment Approach Driven by Bold Thinking

We believe in confronting uncertainty head-on – not merely reacting to change but finding opportunity in it. Hear from our investment professionals on how they apply this approach in their fundamental research, part of an ethos we call
Knowledge. Shared.

Long-Term View Best Tonic for Digesting Tech Sector Volatility

Investors maintaining a tech allocation should stay focused on the secular forces behind the sector’s recent impressive financial performance.

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The Regulatory and Policy Landscape for Big Tech

Large tech companies face a shifting regulatory and geopolitical landscape; is it possible for potential policy changes to slow the sector’s strong run?

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Is There a Market Beyond Tech?

Market gains have been concentrated in large-cap tech stocks in 2020. But many other companies are adapting to a digital-first economy and/or have solid fundamentals.

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