Marching to a Million

The Millennial Journey to Retirement


The Future is Closer Than You Think

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word “retirement”? If you’re like most millennials, it’s probably a vague image of some far-off future state you can barely imagine, much less be concerned about.

If retirement feels irrelevant, it’s not surprising. You’re just beginning your adult life, gaining independence, maybe starting a career. Your focus is on the here and now. You may also have obstacles standing in your way such as student loan debt. But it’s never too early to start thinking about the future.

We developed Marching to a Million to help you get started. You’ll hear from our own millennial colleagues here at Janus Henderson as they share their experiences with saving, investing and working to achieve their goals – including the million-dollar retirement savings milestone.

Explore the resources below for helpful tips and inspiration as you begin your own March to a Million.

Millennials are projected to represent roughly one-third of assets managed and clients served for most advisor practices within five years – a 50% increase over current levels.

Practical Perspectives, “The Changing Role of Financial Advisors – Serving Millennials.” September 2019


Featuring millennial views on preparing for retirement

Millennial Journeys Toward Retirement

For our first "Marching to a Million" video, Retirement Director Ben Rizzuto spoke with colleagues about their views on spending, financial advice, social security and more.


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