Knowledge. Shared

At Janus Henderson, we believe in the sharing of expert insight for better investment and business decisions. We call this ethos Knowledge. Shared.

Knowledge. Shared is reflected both in how our investment teams interact and in our commitment to empowering clients in their decision-making.

Knowledge shapes the forward-looking views of our investment teams and how they position their portfolios. It is built upon their experience and reflected in their unique perspectives of how the world is changing and where opportunities lie. We believe that, where appropriate, our teams benefit from sharing and debating these views, and this dialogue frequently results in richer and more rounded investment theses.  

We also strongly believe in the importance of sharing, and shaping, our knowledge by interacting with clients. This means explaining the opportunities and risks identified by our investment teams and exploring how they can be applied to address the challenges faced by clients.  Building strong relationships and sharing views helps clients make informed decisions and supports the development of innovative products.

Central to this approach is making the intellectual capital of our investment teams and subject matter experts readily available. By providing timely reactions to market-moving events, candid manager views on investment trends and a wide curriculum of education and support at the appropriate level, we seek to empower our clients and give them an advantage. We value knowledge highly, and seek to deliver it in as relevant, timely and useful a manner as possible.

In our view, knowledge is powerful when it is shared.

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