Longer life

What questions should investors be asking themselves?

With global life expectancy continuing to rise, five leading thinkers at Janus Henderson explain where they see the risks and opportunities associated with this important future trend.

Filmed as part of a panel at a recent Janus Henderson Knowledge. Exchange event, here we feature short extracts from Andy Acker (Global Life Sciences), Richard Clode (Global Technology), Hamish Chamberlayne (Global Sustainable Equity) and Steve Weeple (Global Equities).

The scientific breakthroughs driving longer lives

Andy Acker, Portfolio Manager on the Global Life Sciences Team, talks about companies that are exploiting the trends of longer lives by providing solutions to the chronic diseases of ageing.

How will governments finance longer lives? Who will benefit?

Hamish Chamberlayne discusses how attitudes to investing might shift as the longer life trend continues to strengthen and highlights the importance of companies demonstrating value to society.

How are demographic trends affecting Africa?

The ageing population is a trend that has reached all corners of the globe. However, different parts of the world may experience variations in this regardless of the overarching trend. Steve Weeple observes the longer life trend in Africa.

Technological advancements: better serving the elderly

Will rapidly advancing technology evolve alongside an ageing population? Richard Clode discusses how longer lives will impact the technology sector.

Dementia and Alzheimer's – the problems we now have to solve

A consequence of an ageing population is an increased prevalence of brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Andy Acker, Portfolio Manager on the Global Life Sciences Team, talks about scientific breakthroughs that are looking to tackle the diseases associated with ageing.

Active management: being part of the solution

As an asset manager, we have the ability to support those companies finding solutions to today’s problems. Portfolio Managers Hamish Chamberlayne and Richard Clode discuss what we can do, as investors, to become part of the solution.


Volatility: the rate and extent at which an investment moves up and down.
Beta: beta is a measure of whether an investment is more or less volatile than the market as a whole.
Duration: a fixed income investment’s sensitivity to a change in interest rates.

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