China’s disruptive internet companies



Richard Clode, Portfolio Manager on the Janus Henderson Global Technology Team, discusses his recent trip to Hong Kong, where he met with a number of Chinese internet companies.
While there are many exciting investment opportunities created by disruption and powerful internet-related trends in China, there are also many companies that are having to raise capital regularly and are, therefore, failing to develop sustainable business models. Richard highlights the importance of seeing through the ‘hype’ to uncover sustainable businesses that can benefit from long-term technology trends.
Key takeaways: 
  • China offers disruptive and powerful internet-related trends
  • Valuations and business models of some Chinese internet companies appear challenged, however
  • There is a huge amount of capital chasing small pockets of growth and this is supporting unsustainable business models 
  • The team seeks to identify key technology trends and long-term ‘winners’


Negative gross (profit) margin: a negative gross profit margin indicates that the cost incurred to produce a company’s goods or services exceeds the revenue generated.
Fintech: a portmanteau of ‘financial’ and ‘technology’, fintech describes technology that supports or enables the delivery and use of financial services.
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