How we work

At Janus Henderson, we blend human insight, originality and instinct with rigorous analysis, structured processes and risk management. It is this creative mix that we believe allows us to best deliver on client goals.

Put simply, our role is to deliver superior long-term investment performance by taking investment risk appropriate to client expectations. To do this, we provide a supportive framework that allows our skilful investment managers to perform to the best of their ability.

Our dynamic teams are structured and operate in ways that are best suited to their asset classes. This results in certain teams tapping into the fundamentals-based insight provided by our experienced analysts, while others base investment decisions solely on their own research and views. We do not impose top-down house views; instead we allow an appropriate level of flexibility within a controlled environment.

Everything is shaped with the client in mind. Products are developed to meet evolving needs and investment managers operate within clearly articulated parameters to achieve stated and/or agreed upon objectives. Transparency of process, positioning and progress towards meeting objectives are central to our approach and our investment and distribution teams seek to keep clients informed at every stage.

Risk management and controls are given the highest priority. While we encourage fresh thinking and creativity, we ensure this is actioned at all times in a measurable and regulated way. We recognise that risk has to be taken to generate outperformance, and our controls ensure that this risk is in accordance with client expectations and investment manager intentions.

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