Strength in Flexibility

A flexible approach to fixed income

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Why go flexible?


With many asset markets close to all-time highs and bond yields low by historical standards, investors do not want to be trapped in areas of poor value.


Macro and monetary policy uncertainty remains; this flexibility can be valuable in helping mitigate risks and capture opportunities.


A flexible approach allows a portfolio to be altered in anticipation of changing conditions and is not restricted to adhere to a particular benchmark.

Seek to achieve the following goals


Generate a total return from income and potential capital growth


Manage risk particularly in relation to duration (sensitivity to interest rate changes)


Provide diversification, potentially through low correlation to equities an more traditional fixed income portfolios.

Benefits for investors


Active strategies that can help overcome index shortcomings


Flexibility is important to help mitigate or even profit from volatility, rising interest rates or widening credit spreads


Access to sectors that are not part of mainstream fixed income mandates


Not having to monitor multiple strategies and make asset allocation decisions


Act as a diversifier

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Upcoming webinar

Nick Maroutsos

Smooth operator – seeking a less volatile path in fixed income

Nick Maroutsos

November 27 2018, 9:00am UK time / 10:00am CET European time | 60 mins

The gradual removal of monetary policy accommodation by central banks is removing a price-insensitive buyer from the market and leading to reduced liquidity. Tighter monetary policy is also pushing up shorter-dated bond yields and leading to a reassessment of value on the yield curve. In this webcast, Nick Maroutsos looks at how investors can navigate the new environment for fixed income and chart a potentially less volatile path with their investments.

John Pattullo and Jenna Barnard

It is now ‘later’ late cycle

John Pattullo and Jenna Barnard

November 29 2018, 2:00pm UK time / 3:00pm CET European time | 60 mins

Co-managers of the Janus Henderson Strategic Bond Strategy, John Pattullo and Jenna Barnard, will expand on the macro themes that will likely shape the rest of 2018 and determine the direction for fixed income investors through 2019, while discussing the core themes in their portfolios.

The webcast session will also include a review of the performance of the strategy, highlights of current positioning and outlook for the medium term.

Previous webinars

Andrew Mulliner and Ryan Myerberg

Navigating a challenging year for fixed income with a flexible approach

Andrew Mulliner and Ryan Myerberg

November 20 2018, 2:00 pm CET | 60 mins

2018, so far, has been a fairly turbulent environment for fixed income markets, marked by sporadic shocks, which investors have largely treated as being driven by one off or transitory events. However, the list of such transitory episodes continues to grow and the cumulative impact on the fixed income universe poses significant challenges to investors. Thus, the flexibility to seek out the best opportunities and protect against the worst case scenarios without any constraints has never been more important, given the continued presence of historically low yields in the developed world at a time of declining global liquidity.

In this webcast, Andrew Mulliner and Ryan Myerberg, Portfolio Managers of the Janus Henderson Horizon Total Return Bond Fund share their thoughts on the markets and the prospects for bond investors in the near future. The webcast session will also include a review of the performance of the fund and summary of current positioning.

Key points:

  • Macro themes likely to shape the rest of 2018
  • Current strategies in the fund
  • Performance and portfolio update
  • Outlook and Q&A

Andrew Mulliner

BREAK FREE: Unleashing opportunities in fixed income from ditching the index

Andrew Mulliner

April 23 2018, 3:00 pm CET | 60 mins

In a low yield world, traditional fixed income vehicles and indices appear to offer more risk than reward. We explain why combining a flexible approach with a global remit offers additional opportunities for return and diversification in an environment characterised by shifting central bank policy and an uncertain economic outlook.

Nick Maroutsos

Reframing active fixed income

Nick Maroutsos

January 25 2017, 3:30 pm CET | 60 mins

Since the Global Financial Crisis, the traditional lines within fixed income have been blurred, with a proliferation of high duration and credit risk strategies. In this session, Nick Maroutsos, explores how an absolute return strategy can invest broadly across global fixed income sectors and risk factors, seeking to drive returns without necessarily taking on interest rate or credit risk.

John Pattullo, Jenna Barnard

Live Insight: Janus Henderson Horizon Strategic Bond Fund

John Pattullo, Jenna Barnard, Nicholas Ware

December 05 2017, 3:00 pm | 60 mins

In this webcast, Jenna Barnard, John Pattullo and Nicholas Ware, the Co-Managers of the Janus Henderson Fixed Interest Monthly Income Fund, share their views and assessment of the global economic environment.

As well as a market update, they covered the performance of the fund, providing a summary of the current positioning and outlook for the near future.

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