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John Fujiwara: low volatility, low correlation environment to persist in 2018?

by John Fujiwara

1 year ago
John Fujiwara, Portfolio Manager for the Janus Henderson Global Diversified Risk Premia Strategy, gives his outlook for 2018. John discusses the rise in technical factors, how the current low volatility and low correlation environment impacts market positioning, and why the team’s models are turning positive on the commodity markets.
Why the UK is currently a tough call for investors

by George P. Maris, CFA

1 year ago

​George Maris, portfolio manager in the Denver-based Global Equities Team, shares his views on the UK as economic growth lags and politicians are challenged to bolster a weakened economy.

Impact of Hurricane Harvey on the US energy sector

by Noah Barrett, CFA

2 years ago

​Noah Barrett, energy and utilities analyst in the Janus Henderson Global Research Team, discusses the potential impact of tropical storm Harvey on the various components of the US energy sector.


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