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Janus Henderson Balanced Strategy Update Webcast replay

Join our Balanced strategy portfolio managers as they discussed the strategies current positioning, short-term headwinds, outlook and how the strategy’s long history of navigating economic downturns has proven to capture less downside than the broader equity market. Today’s unsettled economic environment, with heightened uncertainty in both the equity and bond markets, is leaving investors feeling helpless on where to turn.

The conversation was supplemented by our Portfolio Construction and Strategy team who outlined how balanced strategies can be a strong solution to ease some of the anxiety around today’s market uncertainty, and why having an experienced active manager in the space is crucial.

Watch the replay now.

Invested in Connecting Equities Forum

2022 has been challenging for markets so far with investors attempting to price in risks surrounding inflationary pressures and central bank hawkishness, the war in Ukraine, and ongoing pandemic-related supply chain issues. This, combined with a rising focus on ESG factors, has left many investors reconsidering their asset allocations.

How will these pressures evolve and what will the impact be on equities throughout the rest of the year? Janus Henderson’s Invested in Connecting Equities Forum offers an opportunity for delegates to engage with equity sector specialists on where they see key opportunities, risks and themes, and why they believe there are reasons for optimism in the longer term.

Recorded Thursday 16 June 2022

Economic and Market Outlook update

Simon Ward shares his perspectives on the outlook for economies and markets over the next 6 to 12 months, based on his distinctive forecasting approach emphasising monetary trends and cycles.

Recorded 11 May 2022

Balancing Act: how will growth and inflation risks impact asset classes in the months ahead?

Is it possible to rein in inflation without choking economic growth? Which asset classes are most at risk and where can investors find opportunities? Janus Henderson’s Global Heads of Equities and Fixed Income explore portfolio strategy considerations to help identify actionable investment views for the remainder of the year.

Recorded 5 May 2022

Janus Henderson Strategic Fixed Income Webcast

Join Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo for an update on the Strategic Fixed Income team’s outlook for bond markets in 2022.

Recorded 28 April 2022

Manoeuvring multiple economic cycles and market unknowns – bringing together Portfolio Construction and the JH Balanced Strategy

Investors are increasingly trying to make sense of outsized economic data on inflation and its implications for an ongoing economic recovery from the pandemic. Where do interest rates go from here? How long will the current trends of high inflation and high growth continue?

Join our Portfolio Construction Team and Balanced strategy portfolio managers as they break down how a nimble, one-stop actively managed asset allocation strategy may help clients manoeuvre multiple economic cycles and market unknowns and how the Janus Henderson Balanced Strategy is positioned.

Recorded 6 April 2022

30 years in the making - Sustainable Thematic Equities webcast

Janus Henderson launched two new Article 9 Sustainable strategies in August 2021: Sustainable Future Technologies and US Sustainable Equity. Join our investment teams as they discuss their two new Sustainable Thematic Equity strategies.

In this webcast our dedicated Sustainability Analyst, Kimberley Pavier, also introduced her latest thinking on developments within the field, whilst Hamish Chamberlayne (US Sustainable Equity) and Graeme Clark (Sustainable Future Technologies) discussed their strategies and long term outlooks.

Recorded 16 March 2022

Proceed with caution – now is the time to be selective in high yield

There is no textbook answer for how markets will react to an evolving backdrop of inflationary pressures, rate hikes, and diminishing liquidity. The early months of 2022 have already brought some abrupt market moves, but it is worth remembering that the travelling companion of volatility is opportunity. In this webcast, Tom Ross and Seth Meyer, co-managers of high yield strategies at Janus Henderson Investors, explored the environment for high yield and discussed how being selective can benefit investors in periods of uncertainty.

Key topics covered include:

  • Macro scene – what does the mix of inflation and tighter policy mean for high yield?
  • Corporate health – are relatively strong corporate fundamentals being overlooked?
  • Selectivity in volatility – identifying opportunities from spread movements and credit upgrades.

Recorded 3 March 2022

Could this cycle be very different for European Equities?

Markets so far in 2022 have felt like entering a factor casino where stock specifics have been drowned out by the growth vs value style debate. Persisting inflationary pressures and hawkish central banks have prompted investors to challenge the dominant narrative of the last market cycle – to buy growth and sell value – and the extension of that –to buy tech and sell oil, buy the S&P 500 and sell MSCI Europe, buy bonds and then buy more bonds.

Richard Brown, Client Portfolio Manager, is joined by our European experts in a thought provoking discussion as they assess the potential for outperformance from European Equities and the best stock opportunities in the current market environment. John Bennett (blend style), Nick Sheridan (value style), and Robert Schramm-Fuchs (long/short style) cover key trends and participate in a Q&A at the end of the debate.

Recorded 23 February 2022

Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity Webcast

Join Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of Global Sustainability Equities, as he reflects on a year where global equity markets rose to all-time highs as economies and industries looked to accelerate the recovery from the pandemic. He also focuses the discussion on those powerful secular growth trends of digitalisation, electrification and decarbonisation which in his view will continue to present significant opportunities and the fact that a period of inflation will ultimately be beneficial to the growth of many of the companies in his investment universe.

Recorded 8 February 2022

Janus Henderson Strategic Fixed Income Webcast

Join Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo for an update on the Strategic Fixed Income team’s outlook for bond markets in 2022. Having flagged a potential early 2022 buying opportunity for duration / government bonds for many months, Jenna and John expanded on the recent repricing to higher yields across the developed world & fund positioning as a result.

Recorded 3 February 2022

The last hurrah – fading stimulus means markets are on their own

The common refrain of “things will get worse before they get better” paints a vivid but sobering picture of the challenges that lie ahead for fixed income markets as elevated inflation numbers test the resolve of central bankers. When the last of the accommodative monetary and fiscal policy washes through, what should we expect? Should we worry the Fed may be making a policy error? Join Jim Cielinski, Global Head of Fixed Income, as he looks at 2022 and the scenarios that might occur as the year unfolds.

Recorded 26 January 2022

A Foundation for Growth: Property Equities as a Solution for Investors in 2022 and Beyond

In this webcast, Guy Barnard, Co-Head of Property Equities, covers the following –

  • A look back at global property results in 2021
  • Key considerations for property investors in 2022
  • Emergence of REITs 3.0 driving opportunities for the future

Recorded 20 January 2022