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Janus Henderson Balanced Fund:
Flexible, Defensive, Dynamic

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As at 31 July 2023.
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30 year badgeFor over 30 years, the Balanced strategy has offered a simple and optimal mix of stocks and bonds designed to capture the best opportunities across market cycles.

The advantage of a combination of stocks and bonds.

The Balanced Fund’s dynamic asset allocation strategy has the flexibility to defensively position in anticipation of market volatility while seeking strong risk-adjusted returns. Unlike many competitor products where asset allocation is constrained by static targets, the Balanced Fund can actively pivot between an equity weighting of 35% to 65% depending on market conditions.

The fund is designed to:


Offer a dynamic blend of mainly US stocks and bonds

The US has been a driver of growth outperforming the rest of world by 81.4%


Adapt to all market conditions

When downturns occur, a 60/40 portfolio experiences lower losses and faster recoveries


Limit volatility relative to the stock market

Since inception, the Fund has delivered nearly half the volatility of the S&P 500 Index

Source: Bloomberg, as of 31st March 2023. Past performance does not predict future returns.


Core solution

  • Purposeful mix of stocks and bonds to serve as the foundation of your portfolio.
  • Balanced blend of growth potential, income and ballast to smooth the investment journey.
  • Consistent, disciplined approach to help realize long-term goals.

Power of downside protection

  • Active and flexible to weather the ups and downs of an ever-changing market.
  • Focus on portfolio stability to keep you invested over the long-term.
  • Decreased volatility to mitigate the potential for damaging losses.

Proven experience

  • Over 30 years of fundamental, bottom-up research and active asset allocation.
  • Team-based, with deep expertise across the equity and fixed income markets.
  • Collaborative, to identify a decisive path through difficult market environments.

What does this approach mean for drawdowns?

The Balanced Fund has historically delivered when it has counted – on the downside. Whether it was market downturns like the tech bubble collapse of the early 2000s or the global financial crisis of 2008, the Fund captured less of the downside.

It is easier to climb out of a small hole than a big one

In its more than 25-year history, the Balanced Fund has outperformed the average of its competitors. The dynamic asset allocation has also helped the fund deliver index-beating performance over the long term outperforming the S&P 500 Index.

Past performance does not predict future returns.
Further information on this fund, disclosures and performance information

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As we enter a new era characterised by structurally higher interest rates and higher inflation, investors face further uncertainty.


Are we in a new interest rate regime?


Where will economic growth go to from here?


How could these challenges affect my asset allocation decisions?

For financial professionals facing this list of important questions, we on the Portfolio Construction and Strategy (PCS) Team believe that a nimble allocation of flexible, one-stop actively managed asset allocation strategies is key to avoiding analysis paralysis.

A successful allocation to a ‘Balanced’ fund may potentially help clients to manoeuvre through multiple economic cycles and difficult markets, although robust due diligence is necessary.


"A balanced approach may provide clients with the best of both worlds – the prospect for higher returns than bonds while reducing the potential magnitude of any significant drawdowns from equities".

Matthew Bullock,
EMEA Head of Portfolio Construction and Strategy

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Greg Wilensky, CFA
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"We actively position the portfolio based on the most attractive opportunities in the equity and bond worlds, based on evolving economic conditions".

Jeremiah Buckley, CFA,
Co-Manager of the Janus Henderson Balanced Fund


A balanced approach may provide clients with the best of both worlds – the prospect for higher returns than bonds while reducing the potential magnitude of any significant drawdowns from equities.

Janus Henderson Portfolio Construction and Strategy Team


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