Brexit FAQs

Do you have a Brexit project underway?

Janus Henderson Investors established a Brexit project following the 2016 referendum to look at all possible Brexit impacts including distribution, regulatory permissions and licenses, HR, IT and operations. Through this project, Janus Henderson Investors sought to minimise the potential impact on investors regardless of the end outcome of Brexit.

The project team are actively involved in discussions with regulators, industry groups and clients to remain abreast of developments that may impact on our preparations.

The project team is supported by a number of law firms both in the UK and across multiple European countries.

We have a long history in both the UK and continental Europe, and the planned build out of our existing office in Luxembourg is now complete. We are well placed to continue to support our clients globally after Brexit.

Will you be launching any new product lines or make structural changes to products?

Janus Henderson Investors has long established fund ranges in the UK, Luxembourg and Ireland. We have launched one new sub-fund in Luxembourg within our existing SICAV structure to replicate a strategy that is currently only available in a UK domiciled fund structure.

Our approach has been to avoid structural changes to products so we have made a small number of clarifications to how we describe some fund objectives, to ensure these funds can continue to invest in UK assets as they do now.

Will you be switching EU investors in UK funds to Luxembourg or Irish domiciled funds?

The majority of our EU investors are already invested in our Luxembourg or Irish fund ranges.

At the present time, we do not have any plans to move EU clients who have chosen to invest in a UK domiciled fund as there is currently no reason to do so.

We understand that Brexit should not affect the ability of existing investors in most EU countries to continue to hold their investments or our ability to continue to service those existing investors in terms of reporting and providing information on existing investments, although we are monitoring whether Janus Henderson will be able to continue to offer UK funds into the EU.

If you have any concerns about your investment in a Janus Henderson fund, please contact your relationship manager or email us at .

Will you be registering your Luxembourg and Irish funds under the FCA’s Temporary Permissions Regime (“TPR”)?

We have registered our EU funds which are marketed into the UK under the FCA’s Temporary Permissions Regime which will allow us, temporarily, to continue to offer EU funds in the UK on the same basis as we do today in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

When the registration window closes, we will seek to obtain permanent registration for our EU funds when notified it is possible to do so by the FCA.

Do you intend to transfer or terminate any distribution agreements between your UK distributor and EU distributors?

We have no plans to transfer or terminate our wholesale distribution agreements with EU distributors.

Will you be changing service providers (such as the Transfer Agent or Depositary) for the funds as a result of Brexit?

Brexit does not necessitate any changes to service providers. The existing service providers to the EU funds are based in the EU, and the service providers to the UK funds are based in the UK.

Will you be setting up an office/Management Company in a new EU location or intend on making an existing EU office more prominent? If so, which locations?

No. Janus Henderson Investors has operated offices in continental Europe for some time; we have offices in Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands.

We have expanded our existing office in Luxembourg to provide additional oversight of our activities in continental Europe. We have recruited additional headcount in areas such as investment management oversight, fund operations, compliance, risk management and distribution oversight.

Will you be moving investment management of your mutual funds from the UK to the EU?

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the UK FCA have confirmed that Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) have been agreed between the FCA, ESMA and EU27 authorities. This regulatory clarification will allow Janus Henderson’s UK investment management entities to continue to manage the funds of the Luxembourg and Irish Management Companies, in the event of Hard Brexit.

The investment management of our UK funds is not impacted as they are UK domiciled funds with a UK investment manager.

How will Brexit impact your operating model for trading, custody, derivatives management, or back office functions (including outsourced service providers)?

We are fully engaged with various parties from brokers, benchmark providers, clearing counterparties, MTFs (Multilateral Trading Facilities) and third party administrators. To date we have identified no anticipated changes to executing entities, no requirements to repaper agreements and no increased costs. With regards Benchmarks and MTFs there is no anticipated impact based on dialogue with providers, although JHI continue to monitor the position.

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