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Investing in the next wave of innovative medicines

In our latest panel discussion portfolio manager Andy Acker, research analyst Agustin Mohedas, scientist Dr. Stephen Harrison and Akero’s CEO Andrew Cheng, detailed the remarkable advances in disease categories that previously had limited treatment options, like NASH, a severe form of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Balancing wealth transfer across generations

In this webinar, Ben Rizzuto, Retirement Director and Jeremiah Buckley, co-Portfolio Manager of the Janus Henderson Balanced Fund, will discuss how financial advisors should position their business for this new generation of investors, ways they can engage with families across generations, and why a Balanced portfolio may be best suited for them.

Strategic Bond Quarterly update

The banking crisis was a visible symptom of how tighter monetary policy is catching up with the economy and exposing vulnerabilities.

Brighter days ahead for listed property

Guy Barnard, Co-Head Global Property Equities and Matthew Bullock, EMEA Head of Portfolio Construction & Strategy, as they discuss these attributes and which subsectors are best positioned to continue to deliver earnings and dividend growth, even as economies slow.

A dose of immunity during a market downturn

Accelerating innovation in the biotechnology sector may offer investors new potential growth opportunities. In a market environment where we believe investors should tread carefully, Jennifer Nichols, Client Portfolio Manager and Matthew Bullock, EMEA Head of Portfolio Construction and Strategy discussed how healthcare’s unique blend of defensive characteristics and growth potential may offer immunity from the downturn.

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Market GPS 2023: Finding the silver lining

Investors will continue to grapple with market shocks in 2023, but it’s time to focus on the silver lining. In our Market GPS webcast, Janus Henderson’s asset class experts will share their perspectives on the economic outlook and discuss the risks and opportunities facing investors in the year ahead.

Strategic Bond Update: Policy Error?

Here we updated on the previous Strategic bond outlook following a tumultuous few months for financial markets and bond markets in particular

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Multi Strat Webcast – Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

With both equity and bond markets sharply down year to date, David Elms and Steve Cain discuss the risks and opportunities within a multi-strategy approach as the investment landscape changes.

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Absolute Return Strategy – Update and Market Outlook

Luke Newman will give an update on the Absolute Return strategy, and how a long/short approach can exploit opportunities across developed equity markets.

Amid volatility, healthcare’s appeal grows

Amid an environment of higher-than-expected inflation, rate hikes and a slowing global economy, health care’s defensive nature may offer attractive characteristics.

Economic and Market Outlook update

Simon Ward shares his perspectives on the outlook for economies and markets over the next 6 to 12 months, based on his distinctive forecasting approach emphasising monetary trends and cycles.

Balancing Act: how will growth and inflation risks impact asset classes in the months ahead?

Balancing Act: how will growth and inflation risks impact asset classes in the months ahead?

Janus Henderson’s Global Heads of Equities and Fixed Income explore portfolio strategy considerations to help identify actionable investment views for the remainder of the year.

30 years in the making – Sustainable Thematic Equities

Join our investment teams as they discuss their two new Sustainable Thematic Equity strategies. They look at the latest developments within the field, the new strategies and long term outlooks.

The last hurrah – fading stimulus means markets are on their own

Jim Cielinski, Global Head of Fixed Income, as he looks at 2022 and the scenarios that might occur as the year unfolds.

Could this cycle be very different for European Equities?

Richard Brown, Client Portfolio Manager, is joined by our European experts in a thought provoking discussion as they assess the potential for outperformance from European Equities and the best stock opportunities in the current market environment.