In this video, Richard Clode, portfolio manager within the Global Technology Team, discusses how not keeping up with innovation and new technology may be shortening the lifespan of ‘blue chip’ stocks, as well as the key reasons why technology disruption is accelerating. He also talks about the transportation revolution, a key example of how a major industry is being disrupted with consequences and opportunities for incumbent and new companies.

Note: this video was recorded at the Janus Henderson New Year Investment Conference on 11 January 2018.


Blue chip stocks: stocks in a widely known, well-established, and financially stable company, with typically a long record of reliable and stable growth.

Disruptive technology: a technology that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry; or the creation of a new industry by a ground-breaking product or service.

Cloud computing: managing IT services remotely by buying computing and storing technology from specialised service providers over the internet.

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