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Tihana Ibrahimpasic, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Tihana Ibrahimpasic | Janus Henderson Investors

Tihana Ibrahimpasic is a Portfolio Manager on the Multi-Asset Team at Janus Henderson Investors. Before assuming this role in 2021, she was a research analyst with the team from 2018. Prior to joining the firm, Tihana was an investment manager at Astra Financial Services, Czech Republic, where she led and produced fundamental research for portfolio asset allocation and construction, managed client relationships, and oversaw trade execution, and performance analysis. Before this, she was an investment analyst at Star Capital Finance, Czech Republic from 2011.

Tihana received a bachelor’s degree in analysis and business planning from the University of Zagreb and a master’s in economics and finance from Charles University, Prague. She holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and has 13 years of financial industry experience.