Of differentiated insights, disciplined investments, and world-class service

Janus Henderson’s mission is to help clients define and achieve superior financial outcomes through differentiated insights, disciplined investments, and world-class service.

With 89 years of global investment experience, we are proud to fulfil our purpose of investing in a brighter future together. We have been established in Asia for the last 28 years helping clients realize their investment goals through various economic cycles.

Teams across Janus Henderson come together every day to deliver outcomes for our clients – and their clients – that make a difference. This means we are ever mindful of the futures of the millions of lives that our thinking and our investments help shape.

Differentiated insights

Our investment teams met over 4,000 companies in 2022

  • Our deep-rooted research culture has underpinned our 89-year track record of investing.
  • Insights from company meetings combined with proprietary analysis results in original views that shape our investment positioning.
  • 340+ investment professionals worldwide share ideas to differentiate between the winners and losers.

Sweating the small stuff – equity repo

How can investors use the equity repo market as part of a balanced risk-adjusted allocation to alternatives?

Investing in megatrends through mission-critical ‘ingredients suppliers’

Discover the mission-critical businesses that are shaping the future.

Balancing yield and duration: The fixed income barbell trade

How bond investors can take advantage of higher short-term yields while still managing duration exposure.

Disciplined investments

150+ experts oversee our robust risk and compliance controls

  • Our investment teams set clearly defined objectives to deliver long-term risk-adjusted returns.
  • We stay true to our investment style through all market conditions.

Janus Henderson Balanced Fund

For over 30 years, this dynamic allocation strategy has delivered our equity and fixed income expertise in a one-stop core solution

Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences Fund

By understanding the science and business of health care, the strategy invests in companies addressing unmet medical needs or improving health care efficiencies.

Janus Henderson Horizon Global Technology Leaders Fund

Aims to generate long-term capital growth through investment in a globally diversified portfolio of technology-related companies.

World-class service

We have 540+ specialists dedicated to serving clients

  • We offer global reach combined with the responsiveness, tailored solutions, and personal touch of a local partner.
  • Understanding the challenges of our clients – and our clients’ clients - is key – enabling us to blend our best ideas and capabilities to define tailored outcomes.
  • We seek to contribute to clients’ understanding and decision-making – through published insights, at events, and in debate on the future of investing.


outline of people stakeholders

outline of people stakeholders


Client executives servicing financial professionals in Asia Pacific from our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.


magnifying glass aimed over a line chart data point

magnifying glass aimed over a line chart data point


Our Portfolio Construction and Strategy Team has analyzed over 15,000 model portfolios working with 4,700+ financial advisors


lightbulb outline of a person inside

outline of people stakeholders


A Specialist Consulting Group dedicated to helping clients identify solutions for their business.

Portfolios analyzed

Our Portfolio Construction and Strategy Team has analyzed over 15,000 model portfolios.