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Global Investment Grade Bond Fund

Seeking investment opportunities across the global investment grade universe.


USD 7.89
As of 2023/09/22

1-Day Change
USD 0.03 (0.38%)
As of 2023/09/22



The Fund aims to provide a total return (from a combination of capital growth and income) by investing a minimum of 70% of its assets in investment grade corporate bonds globally. The Fund may invest up to 25% in government bonds and up to 25% in high yield (non-investment grade) bonds, as well as cash, money market instruments and other eligible investments which are disclosed in the Prospectus. The Fund may use derivatives (complex financial instruments) with the aim of risk or cost reduction within the portfolio, including the hedging of currency exposure at the discretion of the investment manager. Derivatives may also be used to generate additional returns or income for the Fund.

Note: You should not make investment decisions based solely on marketing materials. You should read the Prospectus and the Product Highlights Sheet of the Fund for more details of the investment risks and seek independent professional advice where appropriate.

About this fund

  • Our team: Culture of collaboration, global integration and respectful challenge.
  • Disciplined, repeatable process: Transparent investment process to dynamically navigate the credit cycle.
  • Holistic approach to risk: People, tools and systems create a 360° view of risk.


James Briggs, ACA, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1998. Joined Firm in 2005.

Michael Keough

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2006. Joined Firm in 2007.

Brad Smith

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2010. Joined Firm in 2010.

Tim Winstone, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2003. Joined Firm in 2015.


Cumulative & Annualised Performance (%)
As of 2023/08/31
A3m USD (Net) A3m USD (With Sales Charge)* Bloomberg Global Agg Corp Bond Hgd USD
  Cumulative Annualised
1MO 3MO 6MO YTD 1YR 3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception
A3m USD (Net) -0.36 -0.18 0.87 1.48 -0.84 -4.63 0.58 0.85 1.31
A3m USD (With Sales Charge)* -5.34 -5.17 -4.17 -3.59 -5.80 -6.25 -0.44 0.33 0.90
Bloomberg Global Agg Corp Bond Hgd USD -0.39 0.38 2.38 3.39 1.82 -3.27 1.08 1.86 2.19
Initial Charge 5.00%
Annual Charge 0.55%
Ongoing Charge
(As of 2023/06/30)


Top Holdings (As of 2023/08/31)
Equifax Inc, 2.60%, 12/01/24 1.56
NNN REIT Inc, 5.60%, 10/15/33 1.24
Aster Treasury Plc, 5.41%, 12/20/32 1.22
US Bancorp, 4.55%, 07/22/28 1.04
HSBC Holdings PLC, 1.59%, 05/24/27 1.03
United Kingdom Gilt, 3.25%, 01/31/33 0.95
Credit Agricole SA, 4.25%, 07/11/29 0.95
BP Capital Markets BV, 3.77%, 05/12/30 0.86
Bank of Montreal, 3.09%, 01/10/37 0.83
Total 54.38