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Horizon Biotechnology Fund


SGD 19.69
As of 25/01/2021

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As of 25/01/2021



The Biotechnology Fund aims to provide capital growth.

The Fund invests at least 80% of its net assets in equities and equity-related instruments of biotechnology and biotechnology-related companies worldwide. “Biotechnology and biotechnology-related companies” is defined as:


• companies that are included in the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index;
• companies that develop small molecule or biologic drugs subject to the approval of global regulatory agencies;
• companies that market products or services to aid in the research and development of small molecule or biologic drugs; or
• companies that are considered such by the Investment Manager.

In choosing investments, the Investment Manager aims to select biotechnology companies that he or she believes to be undervalued, with greater potential for clinical and/or commercial success than is currently reflected in market prices.

The Fund may invest in companies of any size, including smaller capitalisation companies.

Equity-related instruments may include depository receipts and derivative instruments (such as futures, forwards, equity swaps (also known as contract-for-differences), swaps and options and warrants).

The Fund may use derivative instruments for investment purposes (up to 10% of its net assets) and hedging purposes. The underlyings consist of a range of securities or indices that the Fund may invest in according to the Fund’s investment objective and policy,

The Investment Manager may from time to time consider hedging currency and interest rates exposure, but will not generally enter into contracts involving a speculative position in any currency or interest rate.

On an ancillary basis and for defensive purposes, the Fund may invest in:
• convertible bonds and associated derivative instruments;
• cash, money market instruments or derivative instruments that are used to provide downside market protection or dampen market volatility.


Note: You should not make investment decisions based solely on marketing materials. You should read the Prospectus and the Product Highlights Sheet of the Fund for more details of the investment risks and seek independent professional advice where appropriate.


  • Invests globally in companies strategically aligned with environmental and social megatrends: climate change, resource constraints, growing populations, and ageing populations
  • Avoids investing in fossil fuels and companies that stand to be disrupted by the transition to a low-carbon economy
  • Experienced team of global equity investors employing a long-term approach and disciplined fundamental analysis


Andy Acker, CFA

Global Life Sciences | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1996. Joined Firm in 1999.

Daniel Lyons, PhD, CFA

Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 2000. Joined Firm in 2000.


ANNUAL FEES & EXPENSES (As of Fiscal Year End, 30/06/2020)
Initial Charge 5.00%
Annual Charge 1.20%
Ongoing Charge
(As of 30/06/2020)
Performance Fee 20% of the 'Relevant Amount'


Top Holdings (As of 31/12/2020)
% of Fund
Vertex Pharmaceuticals 4.62
Illumina 3.53
Neurocrine Biosciences 3.53
Sarepta Therapeutics 3.22
BioMarin Pharmaceutical 2.95
Alexion Pharmaceuticals 2.88
Ascendis Pharma 2.78
Essa Pharma 2.13
BELLUS Health 2.05
ACADIA Pharmaceuticals 2.02