Investing in a brighter future together

Janus Henderson’s mission is to help clients define and achieve superior financial outcomes through differentiated insights, disciplined investments, and world-class service.

We are ever mindful that our thinking and investments help shape the futures of over 60 million people*. Our diverse client base and robust balance sheet allow us to offer financial strength and stability to help investors achieve their objectives.

The human connection matters in all that we do. Teams across Janus Henderson come together every day to deliver outcomes for our clients – and their clients – that make a difference. We are proud of this responsibility as we fulfil our purpose of ‘Investing in a brighter future together’.

Investing in a brighter future together


Client assets under management (AUM)




Offices globally



AUM by client location

  • North America 61%
  • EMEA & LatAm 29%
  • Asia Pacific 10%
US$352.6bn AUM

Diversified AUM by client type

  • Intermediary 55%
  • Self-directed 24%
  • Institutional 21%
US$352.6bn AUM

Investment professionals

  • EMEA & LatAm 46%
  • North America 41%
  • Asia Pacific 13%
*340+ Professionals

Source: Janus Henderson Investors. Staff and AUM data as at 31 March 2024 and in USD unless otherwise noted.

Why us

We offer financial strength and stability to help clients define and achieve superior financial outcomes. Choosing Janus Henderson means benefitting from:

Our investment teams met over 4,000 companies in 2023
  • Our deep-rooted research culture has underpinned our 90-year track record of investing.
  • Insights from company meetings combined with proprietary analysis results in original views that shape our investment positioning.
  • 340+ investment professionals worldwide share ideas to differentiate between the winners and losers.
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150+ experts oversee our robust risk and compliance controls
  • Our investment teams set clearly defined objectives to deliver long-term risk-adjusted returns.
  • We stay true to our investment style through all market conditions.
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We have 500+ specialists dedicated to serving clients
  • We offer global reach combined with the responsiveness, tailored solutions, and personal touch of a local partner.
  • Understanding the challenges of our clients – and our clients’ clients - is key – enabling us to blend our best ideas and capabilities to define tailored outcomes.
  • We seek to contribute to clients’ understanding and decision-making – through published insights, at events, and in debate on the future of investing.
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Investment capabilities

Our broad spectrum of investment capabilities means we have the strength to offer solutions appropriate to varying economic circumstances and client needs.

Equities US$222.3bn AUM

We offer a wide range of equity strategies encompassing different geographic focuses and investment styles.

The teams include those with a global perspective, those with a regional focus – US, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Emerging Markets – and those invested in specialist sectors.

A range of growth, value, and absolute return styles are employed. These teams generally apply processes based on in-depth research and bottom-up stock picking.

Equity Capabilities Feature

Fixed income US$70.6bn AUM

Our fixed income teams employ innovative and differentiated techniques to help clients navigate changing interest rate and credit environments.

We provide a wide range of fixed income strategies, including investment grade, high yield, mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities, short duration, and emerging market debt, across different geographies.

Our expertise is available in focused strategies or within broader multi-sector approaches.

Multi-asset US$51.1bn AUM

Multi-asset investing comes together under our Solutions Group, with experts able to partner with clients and offer broad asset class exposure for a variety of needs.

Our Adaptive team manages US and global asset allocation strategies based on differentiated proprietary techniques. We also have asset allocation specialists, multi-manager investors, and those focused on alternative asset classes.

The multi-asset grouping also includes one of our flagship strategies that balances US equity and fixed income allocations.


Alternatives US$8.6bn AUM

Alternatives at Janus Henderson includes a range of investment offerings to meet the needs and constraints of clients.

The Diversified Alternatives Team brings together specialised skills across a variety of liquid alternative strategies, including multi strategy, commodities and trend following.

We also offer expertise in thematic hedge funds and absolute return. Differentiated approaches and a focus on risk management result in blended offerings that can be tailored to certain client needs.

Our values


Clients come first – always
At Janus Henderson this is central to how we set priorities, make decisions, and deliver on objectives. In all interactions and services offered, our aim is to make it as easy as possible for clients.


Execution supersedes intention
The best intentions count for nothing if results fall short. We recognise this and act with accountability to come together as a firm to deliver on our commitments.


Together we win
Working, and winning, together applies at all levels - across our firm, with our clients, and in the communities in which we live and work.


Diversity improves results
We shape our approach around diverse and inclusive perspectives, and value new ideas that challenge the status quo.


Truth builds trust
Authenticity and transparency are actively demonstrated and encouraged across the firm, at an individual level between colleagues and in our interactions with our clients, stakeholders, and communities.

Leadership team

Who we are

Ali Dibadj

Chief Executive Officer

Who we are

Georgina Fogo

Chief Risk Officer

Who we are

Ignacio De La Maza

Head of EMEA & LatAm Client Group

Who we are

James R. Lowry

Global Chief Operating Officer

Who we are

Jim Cielinski, CFA

Global Head of Fixed Income

Who we are

Lucas Klein

Head of EMEA and Asia Pacific Equities

Who we are

Marc Pinto, CFA

Head of Americas Equities

Who we are

Michael Schweitzer

Head of North America Client Group

Who we are

Michelle Rosenberg

Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Who we are

Roger Thompson

Chief Financial Officer, Head of Asia Pacific Client Group

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*Figure reflects the estimated number of individuals as of year-end 2022 where either their current assets or future benefits are invested in Janus Henderson investment products, and is based on JHI’s AUM market share by country, the size of the investing population by country, and average account sizes, using industry and government data and internal estimates.