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Japan Equities: What can tuna auctions tell us about future market trends?

Do recent tuna auction prices bode ill for Japanese stocks? Not quite, says Junichi Inoue, Head of Japanese Equities Investments.

How will Asian property stocks fare in 2021?

Portfolio managers Tim Gibson and Xin Yan Low review what has been a tumultuous year for listed property and discuss the risks and opportunities in the year ahead.

China: what can investors expect in the year of the metal ox?

China equities manager May Ling Wee highlights the key opportunities and risks facing the asset class in 2021.

Fixed Income

Reaching for normal: the outlook for 2021

Portfolio Manager Seth Meyer discusses how a return to normal in 2021 should be supportive for credit markets.

Carrying the lessons of 2020 into 2021

Head of US Fixed Income Greg Wilensky discusses the lessons learned in fixed income portfolios in 2020, and how they are likely to apply in the year ahead.

Global bonds in 2021: better but still bumpy

Portfolio Manager Nick Maroutsos explains why bond investors should be cautiously optimistic as we enter 2021.

Alternative and Multi-Asset

Multi-asset outlook 2021 – all change

News of game-changing vaccines have heralded a dramatic change in expectations for markets and the economy in 2021. Paul O’Connor, Head of the UK-based Multi Asset Team, considers the rationale behind this optimism.

A positive backdrop for US equities

Though volatility is likely to continue, Portfolio Manager Jeremiah Buckley thinks the outlook for equities remains constructive as we progress past the election and get closer to the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

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