Commitment to Diversity

Janus Henderson fosters and maintains an environment that values the unique talents and contributions of every individual. It is through our diversity of our people – whose varied skills sets, backgrounds and cultures shape our outlook – which enables us to explore unique avenues and uncover opportunities unseen by others in our industry.

We know that having a diverse and inclusive workplace will support our strategic vision of growth and globalisation. That is why we strive to cultivate and practice inclusiveness for the long-term success of our business and for the benefit of our employees, clients, investors and shareholders.

To achieve our vision, we have senior leadership commitment, buy-in from our employees and the desire to ensure we are creating equal opportunities for all. To support our vision, we host sessions that allow representatives from all areas of the business to voice their opinions, we collaborate with our Employee Resource Groups to identify ways to be competitive in the marketplace and we ensure our policies and benefits support our efforts.

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where all employees feel a sense of community.

Employee Resource Groups

To foster an inclusive workplace, Janus Henderson offers Employee Resource Groups that serve as networks for employees with common interests and backgrounds. These groups ensure our policies support all audiences, help to develop cultural intelligence and connect Janus Henderson with different populations in the community. They continue to implement programs to better meet the needs of our people and support our global community.

Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion

The Janus Henderson Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee is made up of representatives from our Executive Committee and Human Resources. Their responsibility includes providing direction and approval for strategic recommendations. They also ensure each department is held accountable for their diversity and inclusion goals. Through this process, they are able to monitor our overall progress and implement change where needed.

Women in Finance Charter

Women in Finance CharterJanus Henderson is committed to improving diversity for the benefit of the company, our clients and our people. We will continue with the work underway on our Investment 2020 trainee programme, on our graduate intake, on identifying diverse and innovative recruitment feeds and embedding unconscious bias work into our range of training initiatives. We will continue to support and expand our flexible working policies and are developing our Diversity and Inclusion Forum across the organisation to ensure that good regional practices are shared and implemented effectively.

We increased our UK female senior management representation by 5% compared to 2017.

We believe we are on track to meet our Charter target.

By 2022, our goal is 25% (with a 5% tolerance) senior management women representation in the UK.

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