Edition 42, May 2024

Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index


The first-of-its-kind, this is a quarterly, long-term study into global dividend trends, analysing dividends paid by the 1,200 largest firms by market capitalisation. It is a measure of progress that global firms are making in paying their investors an income on their capital.

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Q1 dividends rose to a first-quarter record of


up 2.4% on a headline basis

Banks contributed most to growth in Q3

Banks accounted for a quarter of global growth in Q1

up by 12.0%

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No change in Janus Henderson’s 2024 dividend forecast of US$1.72 trillion


up 3.9% on a headline basis

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Underlying growth was significantly stronger at 6.8%

the headline total was held back by lower one-off special dividends

Janus Henderson Investors 31 March 2024| Marketing communication

Janus Henderson Global Dividend Index, Edition 42

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