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US High Yield

Driven by a fundamentally based investment process, the strategy seeks to temper the downside risks associated with the high-yield asset class over a full market cycle



We believe a bottom-up, fundamentally driven investment process that is focused on free cash flow and confirming management intentions to transform and improve balance sheets can generate risk-adjusted outperformance over time. Through our comprehensive global research process and dynamic approach to managing through the credit cycle, we seek to deliver a less-volatile client experience within the high-yield asset class over full market cycles.


High Conviction
We believe a high conviction approach is essential to unlocking competitive excess returns and monitoring high-yield risk for our clients. We are focused on taking the appropriate amount of risk throughout the credit cycle by actively managing market exposure and portfolio composition.

Research Driven
Our analysts cover issuers across the credit quality spectrum and capital structure, enabling a complete picture of fundamental credit risk. Analysts function as sector experts and risk managers alongside portfolio managers to identify potential outperformers.

Global Resources
This U.S. strategy benefits from our team of global credit experts. Instead of separate teams, we operate as one team globally looking at companies.

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Seth Meyer, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1998. Joined Firm in 2004.

Brent Olson

Portfolio Manager | Credit Analyst

Industry since 1997. Joined Firm in 2017.