For Approved Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors in China

Robert Roszkowski

Portfolio Manager

Robert Roszkowski is a Portfolio Manager at Kapstream Capital, a subsidiary of Janus Henderson Investors, which acquired Kapstream in 2015. In addition to portfolio management, he is responsible for all aspects of quantitative modelling and research, and is active in both foreign exchange and interest rate trading. Before joining Kapstream, he attended the University of New South Wales and held a role in a high-value consulting, advisory and private equity firm. During this time, he also worked briefly as a research assistant in quantitative finance at the university.

Robert received a first class honours degree in finance from the University of New South Wales, graduating at the top of his cohort. He also earned bachelor of commerce and bachelor of economics degrees, specialising in actuarial studies and economics. He has 10 years of financial industry experience.