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Privacy policy

Janus Henderson Investors’ principal business activities are the provision of financial and administrative services in relation to investment products offered by the Janus Henderson Group. In the course of conducting its business, Janus Henderson Investors may collect personal data. In handling such personal data, it is our policy to observe at all times the following principles in collecting, maintaining and using such personal data:

    • we may collect personal data from data subjects which may include without limitation, your name, date of birth, gender, ID number, phone number, residence address, email address, bank account information, account activity or other information which would independently or jointly with other information allow others to identify your personal identity;
    • we may also receive and store certain types of personal data from your entering on our website and/or using our product and service, including without limitation, your log information, internet protocol address, device information, cookies or other similar technologies to identify your browser or device;
    • we may collect personal data by way of, including without limitation, your exchanging emails with us, logging on our website, using of our products or receiving our professional advisory service, or through your other interactions with us.
    • collection of personal data from data subjects are for purposes of providing our products and/or services;
    • collection of personal data from data subjects is limited to the minimum scope for necessity of providing our products and/or service as well as compliance with regulatory requirements under applicable laws and regulations;
    • we will ask for your prior consent before using your personal data for any purpose other than for which the data were to be used at the time of collection or purposes directly related thereto,
    • you have the right to access to and revise your personal data collected by us, and your requests for access or correction shall be dealt with in accordance with applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements as well as our internal policies. Please approach your contact at Janus Henderson Investors or email to if you wish to correct, revise or delete any inaccurate personal data previously provided to us. We may need to verify your request for correcting, revising or deleting any personal data before processing with your actions.
    • we will retain your personal data in our system no longer than the term necessary for performing our product and/or service with you, unless any extended retention period is otherwise requested or permitted by applicable law and regulations;
    • we will strive to protect your personal data from any unauthorized access or accidental alteration, disclosure or destruction, encrypt the personal data as far as possible and maintain strict confidentiality of the personal data in line with our internal policies;
    • if any security accident occurred to your personal data collected by us, we will, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, notify you of information such as, where relevant:
      • principal status of and possible impact caused by the accident;
      • disposal plan we are going to perform or have performed;
      • remedies available to you;
      • advices on mitigating the risks.

we will also report the disposal of security accident to competent authorities as required under relevant laws and legal requirements;

  • to the extent permitted by the applicable laws and regulations, we may transfer our personal data abroad;
  • personal data will only be disclosed by us in the manner as set out in the personal information collection statement for the relevant data subject or with the data subject’s express consent or otherwise are required to be disclosed in accordance with applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements;
  • neither Janus Henderson Investors nor any of its employees shall in any way transfer the data subjects’ personal data to any other party, except for any transfer of personal data that is
    • expressly consented by you; or
    • mandatorily requested under applicable laws and regulations; or
    • encrypted to not be able to identify any individual, or cannot be retraced.
  • we reserve the right to amend this statement and will keep you informed of any changes hereto by posting on our website;
  • if you are a junior under 18 years old, we suggest you invite your guardian(s) to read this statement discreetly. Your use of our products and/or services or providing any personal data to us shall be subject to prior consent by your guardian(s).