The investment objective of the Pan European Alpha Fund is to seek long-term capital appreciation through exposure primarily to European equities. At least two-thirds of the Fund’s total assets (after deduction of cash) will be invested in equity securities and equity related instruments (excluding convertible debt securities) of companies that are domiciled in Europe (including the UK) or derive the majority of their revenue from business activities in this region.


The Investment Manager will adopt a broad range of investment strategies using a diversified range of instruments with a view to enhancing the performance of the Fund. Particularly, the Investment Manager will employ an approach to investment decisions using primarily a Fundamental strategy as further described under the Section ‘General Policies applicable to Funds making active use of derivatives’ of this Prospectus.

The Fund’s approach will be implemented principally through investment in equity securities and contracts-for-difference but may in addition use the following instruments in accordance with the Section ‘Investment Restrictions’ of this Prospectus: options, futures and forwards on stocks and indices, index baskets and derivatives, Real Estate Investment Trusts, warrants, preferred stock, OTC swaps including equity swaps and asset swaps, currency forwards.

On an ancillary basis, and for defensive purposes, the Fund may also invest in government, government agency and corporate bonds and their associated derivative securities, preferred stock and monetary instruments, and may hold cash or treasury bills pending reinvestment. The Investment Manager may from time to time consider hedging currency and interest rate exposure, but will not generally enter into contracts involving a speculative position in any currency or interest rate.



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