Stay on the right side of disruption

Disruption is rippling through the global economy at a rapid pace. Such dramatic change is being felt across industries and geographies, and potentially shaping the long-term performance of investors’ portfolios. At Janus Henderson, we use fundamental analysis in an effort to identify new investment opportunities and stay on the right side of disruption.

Three major trends behind disruption

We believe three megatrends are helping transform the global economy and creating new investment opportunities:

A technological revolution

Cloud computing, mobility, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are some of the powerful and investable trends reshaping the global economy.

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A new era for healthcare

A growing understanding of the human genome and robust computing power are helping transform the healthcare sector unlike ever before.

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The new digital economy

Disruption is rewriting the rules of the global economy, with many players scrambling to catch up.

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Harness the power of disruption in your portfolio

By focusing on companies and industries that stand to benefit from disruptive forces, we think it is possible to harness the innovation that is transforming the global economy.

Horizon Global Sustainable Equity

A global equity strategy employing an integrated approach to sustainable and responsible investment (SRI).

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Balanced Fund

For over 20 years, this dynamic allocation strategy has delivered our equity and fixed income expertise in a one-stop core solution

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Global Life Sciences Fund

By understanding the science and business of health care, the strategy invests in companies addressing unmet medical needs or improving health care efficiencies

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An investment approach driven by bold thinking

We believe in confronting uncertainty head-on – not merely reacting to change but finding opportunity in it. Explore recent articles connected to the theme from our featured investment teams.

Balanced strategy: keeping to the process

In this video, Marc Pinto, Portfolio Manager on the Janus Henderson Balanced team, reiterates the flexibility and defensive focus of the strategy, giving a broad overview of recent moves towards higher-quality holdings, and readiness to re-evaluate positioning should market conditions change.

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Hourglass low

Room to grow? The outlook for US equities late in the cycle

US multi-asset managers Marc Pinto and Jeremiah Buckley discuss equity opportunities in the late stages of the current economic cycle.

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The outlook for healthcare stocks in 2020

In the US, healthcare was a political focal point in 2019, and will likely remain so in 2020. But amid impeachment proceedings and rampant discord in Washington, the odds that the US Congress will pass sweeping healthcare legislation look low, says Portfolio Manager Andy Acker. Meanwhile, the threat of reform is prompting more innovation, which could help drive growth over the long term.

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