Effective 6 April 2021 we will be changing the Transfer Agent of Janus Henderson Horizon Fund (‘JHHF’) and Janus Henderson Fund (‘JHF’).  The following provides a summary and useful information about contact details and dealing.


Please use the current contact details until close of business 1 April 2021.  Functions will then migrate across to the new service provider, therefore from 6 April 2021 you should use the new contact details.

Current (until 1 April 2021) New (from 6 April 2021)
RBC Investor Services Bank S.A. (‘RBC’) International Financial Data Services (Luxembourg) S.A. (‘IFDS’)
Correspondence Details Correspondence Details
RBC Investor Services
14 Porte de France
L-4360 Esch-Sur-Alzette
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
International Financial Data Services
Bishops Square
Redmond’s Hill
Dublin 2
Telephone: +352 2605 9601 Telephone: +353 1 242 5453
Fax: +352 2460 9937 Fax: +353 1 562 5537
csjanushenderson@rbc.com JanusHendersonTACS@statestreet.com
—————————————————– —————————————————–
State Street Global Services
68/F Two International Finance Centre
8 Finance Street
Central Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2978 9277
Fax: +852 2103 0266


The change of transfer agent means that dealing will move across from RBC to IFDS. Orders should be placed with RBC up to Thursday 1 April 2021 and with IFDS from 6 April 2021.

When is the last business day I can place an order with RBC?

As Friday 2 April and Monday 5 April are fund holidays and therefore non-trading days for the funds, the cut-off for receipt of orders with RBC is 13:00 CET for JHHF and 15:00 CET for JHF on Thursday 1 April.  We will not be able to accept orders via SWIFT or NSCC after this time. Orders via SWIFT can be submitted from 00:01 CET (08:01 Japan time) on Monday 6 April using the new SWIFT details (SBOSIE2DTAD). Orders via NSCC can be submitted from 22:30 CET (16:30 New York Time or NSCC Cycle 20) on Friday 2 April.

Orders received by fax, post and telephone after the relevant fund cut-offs on 1 April will be held and processed by the new administrator, IFDS, on Tuesday 6 April.

Will Janus Henderson Investors/IFDS be providing updated application forms and dealing forms?

Yes, Janus Henderson Investors will be updating the forms with the relevant information.

Can I continue using existing application forms after 6 April 2021?

New application forms should be used for all instructions placed from 6 April 2021.  Janus Henderson Investors and IFDS are putting procedures and monitoring in place to carefully manage all orders being processed across the migration period to ensure settlement is not impacted. This detailed monitoring will continue for at least two weeks post-migration. Any orders submitted using old application forms beyond that may be rejected and will need to be resubmitted using the new forms.

If I want to place an order by fax, what number should I use?

For clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) or North America:

Up to 1 April 2021:  +352 2460 9937

From 6 April 2021: +353 1 562 5537

For clients in Asia-Pacific:

Up to 1 April 2021: +852 2103 0266

From 6 April 2021: +852 2103 0266

If you need to contact the Transfer Agent by email or telephone, please use the contact details in the table in the Contacts section above. Please remember to use current contact details up to 1 April 2021 and the new contact details from 6 April 2021.

I place my orders via Calastone/BBH, is the required connectivity in place with IFDS?

Yes, you can continue to place your orders as you do today.

Will my investor account number change?

Yes, your account number will change from the effective date and will be notified to the contact details held on record immediately after the migration.  Those investors instructing trades via electronic means (excluding NSCC and Clearstream) will be notified of new account numbers ahead of the effective date so they can make any required updates.  Clearstream participants will not need to change their Clearstream account number.

Are there any changes for clients trading via NSCC?

We will be consolidating NSCC participant ID’s into one ID covering JHHF, JHF and Janus Henderson Capital Funds (‘JHCF’).  Brokers should use participant ID 5467 to trade from 6 April 2021 in all three fund ranges.

Can you explain the IFDS trade acknowledgement process?

For orders received by fax, you will receive an immediate automated acknowledgment specifying the number of pages received.  Orders sent by SWIFT will continue to generate standard SWIFT acknowledgement letters in the same way as they do today.  For orders received by post, contract notes will be issued within 24 hours of trade placement if the instruction is received in good order.

Will there be any changes to trading cut-offs?

There will be no changes to trading cut-offs, which remain as detailed in the prospectus.  Please see above for trading cut-off’s over migration.



Will settlement of subscriptions and redemptions be netted after 1 April 2021?

We will continue to bulk redemption payments in accordance with the mandate you have supplied to us. You may continue to bulk settlement of subscriptions if you choose to.

Will there be any changes to how my redemption and dividend payments are bulked?

Redemption and dividend payments of the same currency will continue to be bulked. You will have the option to bulk the payments by the account number or the broker code. Note that where multiple accounts are tagged under a single broker code, bulking cannot be set up at both account number and broker code level.

Will my broker code change?

Non-NSCC broker codes will not be changing from 6 April 2021.

Will there be any changes to the dividend processes?

Dividend payment dates will remain unchanged.  We will no longer operate de-minimis arrangements for cash dividend payments.  A dividend calendar will be made available on request from IFDS at JanusHendersonTACS@statestreet.com, post migration.

Will there be any changes to the dealing calendar?

No. Should investors wish to receive the dealing calendar post-migration, they may contact IFDS at JanusHendersonTACS@statestreet.com.


Investor Media

Will there be changes to the timings of my investor media

The format of contract notes and statements will change slightly and align the JHHF and JHF funds more closely with the media of other Janus Henderson fund ranges.

How will I receive my investor media from IFDS?

Investors currently receiving media by post, email and fax will continue to do so.  Any clients currently receiving confirmations via multiple formats (i.e. SWIFT plus email, fax or post) will continue to do so.

Who will issue the contract note for my orders placed on 1 April 2021?

Contract notes for orders received up to the relevant fund cut-offs on 1 April 2021 will be issued by RBC in the usual way.



Will existing arrangements for receipt of net asset value (NAV) files be changing?

Prices for JHHF and JHF will continue to be available on the website www.janushenderson.com.  There will be no changes to the distribution of Price files.


Fees and commissions

Is there a minimum payment threshold for trailer fees?

There is a minimum payment threshold of USD50 (or equivalent value per currency) for all currency payments. Any amounts below this level will accrue until such time as they become ineligible for payment. Payment of below minimum amounts will also be paid on request.

When will initial commission payments be made?

The payment date of initial commission will move from Month End + 8 business days to Month End + 10 business days in line with other Janus Henderson fund ranges.

If you have any other queries please contact your Janus Henderson representative or alternatively your investment consultant, tax adviser and/or legal adviser as appropriate.