The Fund aims to achieve a positive (absolute) return, regardless of market conditions, over any 12-month period. A positive return is not guaranteed over this or any time period and, particularly over the shorter term, the Fund may experience periods of negative returns. Consequently, your capital is at risk.
Performance target: To outperform the Bank of England Base Rate, after the deduction of charges, over any 3 year period.


The Fund invests in shares and makes extensive use of derivatives (complex financial instruments) to take both ‘long’ and ‘short’ positions in companies the investment manager believes will either rise in value (long positions) or fall in value (short positions) meaning that the Fund may benefit from either scenario.
The Fund will hold a significant proportion of its assets in cash and money market instruments as a result of holding derivatives and for when the investment manager wishes to take a defensive stance. Conversely, the Fund may also employ ‘leverage’ (so that the Fund can invest a greater amount than its actual value) when the investment manager has greater confidence in the opportunities available.
Typically, at least 60% of the exposure to the long and short positions (in aggregate) will be to companies of any size, in any industry, in the UK. Companies may be incorporated or headquartered in the UK, deriving significant revenue from the UK, or listed on the London Stock Exchange. Up to 40% of the long and short exposure may be to non-UK companies.
The investment manager may also use derivatives (complex financial instruments) to reduce risk or to manage the Fund more efficiently.
The Fund is actively managed with reference to the Bank of England Base Rate as this forms the basis of the Fund's performance target and the level above which performance fees may be charged (if applicable). For currency hedged Share Classes, the central bank rate that corresponds with the relevant Share Class currency is used as the basis of the performance comparison and for calculating performance fees. The investment manager has complete discretion to choose investments for the Fund and is not constrained by a benchmark.


The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations and you may not get back the amount originally invested.
Potential investors must read the prospectus, and where relevant, the key investor information document before investing.
This website is a Marketing Communication and does not qualify as an investment recommendation.

Investment into the fund will acquire units / shares of the fund itself and not the underlying assets owned by the fund.


  • Targets absolute returns regardless of market direction with carefully monitored exposure to the stock market
  • Experienced team with time-tested approach through market cycles; supported by the wider Pan-European equities team
  • The fund aims to enhance the overall risk/return characteristics of a balanced portfolio, with a key focus on preserving capital
Past performance does not predict future returns.