Janus Henderson Tactical Income Fund

ARSN: 130 944 866


Investment objective

The Janus Henderson Tactical Income Fund ('Fund') seeks to achieve a total return after fees that exceeds the total return of the Benchmark (Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index and Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ Yr Index equally weighted), by investing in a diversified portfolio of predominantly Australian income producing assets.

Investment strategy

The Fund is an actively managed strategy that invests in a wide range of cash and fixed interest securities. These include debt issued by banks and other corporations, mortgage and other asset backed securities and government, semi-government and supra-national bonds. The Fund may also allocate to Australian and global high yielding securities when attractive opportunities are identified.

The Fund is designed to leverage the considerable expertise of the Manager and gives them the flexibility to tactically and actively allocate the Fund’s assets based on their assessment of the outlook for the Australian and global economy, interest rates and fundamentals of the corporate sector within the context of the credit cycle.

The flexible asset allocation ranges and fundamentally driven approach allows the Manager to meaningfully adjust the level of fixed interest exposure to both enhance performance in periods of falling interest rates and conversely, to protect value from the adverse impact of rising yields.

The overall level of credit risk within the Fund is actively adjusted to reflect the Manager’s assessment of fundamentals and valuations within the corporate debt market.

Full portfolio holdings are available to current unitholders on request. Please contact us via email clientservices.aus@janushenderson.com or phone 1300 019 633 or +61 3 9445 5067 (outside Australia).

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