For Institutional Investors in Australia

Global Natural Resources

Global equities portfolio comprised of resources companies diversified across the supply chain by sub-industries, market cap, up/mid/downstream and country.


About this strategy

We believe that a global investment approach focused on high quality mining, energy and agricultural assets combined with specialist natural resources investment and industry expertise is the key to superior long term investment returns in the natural resources sector. Our global approach improves the chance of early identification of profitable resource investment trends and pricing inefficiencies across multiple markets. A broad natural resource universe incorporating companies across the entire natural resources supply chain, allows the team to take advantage of cyclical pricing power shifts between upstream and downstream sectors and across a range of companies and commodities.

The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise as a result of market and currency fluctuations and you may not get back the amount originally invested. Past Performance is not a guide to future performance.

Investment approach

Diversification across supply chain: Focused on sustainable advantages in high quality companies across mining, energy, and agriculture.

Embedded sustainability analysis: Rigorous, 7-stage security selection process with integrated ESG analysis, aiming to identify high quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages.

Specialist investment team: Over 120 years of combined natural resources investment experience.


Daniel Sullivan

Head of Global Natural Resources | Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1989. Joined Firm in 2013.

Tim Gerrard

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1980. Joined Firm in 2015.

Darko Kuzmanovic

Senior Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1985. Joined Firm in 2015.

Tal Lomnitzer, CFA

Senior Investment Manager

Industry since 2000. Joined Firm in 2019.