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Janus Henderson Horizon Total Return Bond Fund KIID update

We are notifying you of changes that have been made to the Janus Henderson Horizon Total Return Bond Fund KIID.

12 June 2020

Summary of administrative changes to Janus Henderson Capital Funds plc (PA)

During summer 2020 we propose making some changes to the administration of Janus Henderson Capital Funds plc (‘JHCF’ or ‘the Company’). The following provides a summary and useful information about contact details and dealing.

2 June 2020

Janus Henderson Cautious Managed Fund – Benchmark change

Please note, with effect from the 1 July 2020 the benchmark used as the basis for the fund’s performance target will be amended to 50% FTSE All Share Index + 50% ICE Bank of America ML Sterling Non-Gilt Index. This removes the previous maturity range applied to the bond portion of the benchmark. The fund’s

28 May 2020

Janus Henderson Capital Funds plc EGM Result

Janus Henderson Capital Funds plc (the “Company”) Results of Extraordinary General Meeting At the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company on 18 May 2020 at 10:00 am, a special resolution was passed to approve the adoption of the revised constitution of the Company (the “ Constitution ”) with effect from today’s date as described in

19 May 2020

Measures to reduce Covid-19 transmissions at the Janus Henderson Capital Funds EGM

Further to the circular dated 23 April 2020 (the “Circular”), the purpose of this notice is to inform you of proposed changes to the structure of the extraordinary general meeting (“EGM”) of the Company to be held on 18 May 2020 in light of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. We consider the health of Shareholders, attendees at

13 May 2020