Investing in the science of innovation

Multiple long-term growth themes are driving technology demand giving rise to some undeniably attractive opportunities for investors.

Technology is a disruptive and deflationary force, making things faster, cheaper, and more efficient. The major challenges faced by the world are all leveraging on innovative new technology for solutions.

The opportunity for investors:

Acceleration of tech innovation and adoption is typically accompanied by exciting investment opportunities. Technology demand should remain resilient driven by the need for solutions to global challenges. The size of the tech market has grown from US$2tn to US$13tn today*.

*Refiniv Datastream. MSCI ACWI Information Technology Index market capitalisation 31 December 1998 to 31 October 2023.

Global technology experts in the US and Europe

At Janus Henderson we have two well established technology strategies with a combined 65+ track record. Our dedicated teams of technology investors identify attractive opportunities in a sector that is inherently volatile but can offer superior growth.

Our funds are designed to:


Harness the growth potential of long-term growth themes


Navigate the changing competitive landscape to find the winners of the next decade


Identify attractive opportunities that we believe are underappreciated by the market

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Aims to generate long-term capital growth through investment in a globally diversified portfolio of technology-related companies.

By focusing on companies that provide technology solutions with a positive impact on the environment and society, our approach aims to deliver attractive long-term capital returns.

Seeks to invest in growth companies driving innovation or benefiting from advances in technology.

Why invest in technology with Janus Henderson?

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A diversified approach

Future looking trends combined with analysis of company fundamentals allows us to develop a unique view on a company providing globally diversified portfolios of technology-related companies.

Tenured technology experts

Specialist technology managers experienced in navigating multiple economic, rate and hype cycles including the Global Financial Crisis, the crash and the current generative AI hype cycle.

Consistent outcomes

Over the long-term we believe our established approaches can lead to strong consistent investment returns in the dynamic tech sector in a less volatile manner.

Meet the team

Global Technology Leaders & Sustainable Future Technologies

Richard Clode, CFA | Janus Henderson Investors

Richard Clode, CFA
Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 2003. Joined Firm in 2014.

Graeme Clark | Janus Henderson Investors

Graeme Clark, CFA
Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 1994. Joined Firm in 2013.

Alison Porter
Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 1995. Joined Firm in 2014.

Broader team

Kimberley Pavier
Sustainability Analyst

Industry since 2019. Joined Firm in 2021.

Global Technology & Innovation

Denny Fish | Janus Henderson Investors

Denny Fish
Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 2004. Joined Firm in 2016.

Jonathan Cofsky, CFA
Portfolio Manager | Research Analyst

Industry since 2006. Joined Firm in 2014.

Broader team

Shaon Baqui
Research Analyst

Industry since 2009. Joined Firm in 2020.

Div Divatia
Research Analyst

Industry since 2012. Joined Firm in 2021.

Joe Goodwin
Research Analyst

Industry since 2017. Joined Firm in 2023.

Ian McDonald, CFA
Research Analyst

Industry since 2000. Joined Firm in 2016

Adam Wolfman
Research Analyst

Industry since 1998. Joined Firm in 2019.

Thematic Investing

Access transformational change with thematic investing. Thematic investing enables investors to benefit from the powerful megatrends that are disrupting and shaping the future, unlocking the potential for stronger and more consistent returns.