Top DC Trends and Developments

Quarterly Defined Contribution in Review: Special COVID-19 Edition

1Q20 Highlights

Given the recent COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, we are abridging this quarter’s edition of Top DC Trends and Opportunities to provide information that is most relevant during these difficult times. Inside you will find timely insights regarding the coronavirus’s impact on plan sponsors and participants as well as a brief summary of other events that have occurred within the last 90 days that can have a long-term impact.

Key topics from this quarter's edition:

  • CARES Act increases access and adjusts tax treatments to distributions for retirement plans
  • Eligibility of plan loans is expanded for “Qualified Individuals” following the CARES Act
  • Trading in retirement plans in February reached its highest level since August 2011
  • Several fiduciary cases were moving forward prior to the “stay at home” orders
  • Legislation was proposed to permit CITs in 403(b) plans

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