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Featured Outlook

Finding the sweet spot for global equities in 2024

A cautious outlook for global equities leads Janus Henderson’s Equities Leadership to advocate staying defensive and prioritizing quality.

Why US small caps have potential to rebound in the new year

Jonathan Coleman says the outlook for U.S. small-cap stocks is growing stronger based on historical trends and long-term growth opportunities.

Global Equity Income: Dividend growth expected but mind the debt

Ben Lofthouse discusses why he maintains a positive outlook for dividends in 2024.

Emerging market equities lean into innovation for future growth

In his emerging market equities outlook, Daniel Graña believes innovative companies and good governance offer a path to navigate near-term headwinds.

Fixed Income

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Featured Outlook

Fixed Income Outlook 2024: Do the math!

Jim Cielinski explores why the math at the core of fixed income argues for a more rewarding year for the asset class in 2024.

Do all roads lead to lower bond yields in 2024?

Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo consider the outlook for bonds in 2024, positing that different routes are likely to lead to the same destination.

Busting the bias against US securitized

John Kerschner shares his U.S. securitized outlook, pointing out the biases that he believes keep some investors out of the asset class.

Emerging Markets Debt: a bright spot despite an uncertain macro picture

The Emerging Markets Debt Hard Currency Team see tailwinds for the asset class even amid an outlook of global uncertainty.

Multi-Asset & Alternatives

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Featured Outlook

Alternatives – mainstream diversification for 2024

David Elms argues why a changing market outlook in 2024 should prompt investors to consider a greater allocation to alternatives.

Global markets in 2024: Chain reactions

A potentially fragile outlook for the global economy merits defensive positioning and a focus on quality in financial markets, argues Adam Hetts.

Investment outlook 2024: Chain reactions

A series of chain reactions are expected as rates, inflation, employment, growth, and geopolitics converge. Which portfolio positioning trends should you be watching in the coming year?