Janus Henderson offers various multi-asset investment solutions. More specifically, our Adaptive Multi-Asset Solutions Team focuses on maximizing compound returns by mitigating large tail losses and profiting from large tail gains. We believe a distribution of returns, as a measure of risk, is important in determining terminal value, with tail risks — both positive and negative — playing a critical role.

Daily forward-looking estimates of tail losses and tail gains for major asset classes are derived from option market prices. These estimates form the basis for a dynamic asset allocation approach aimed at mitigating material losses from systemic shocks while capturing upside gains.

A Hole in Strategic Asset Allocation

Learn why an adaptive allocation approach can be designed to maximize compound returns while mitigating acute tail risk.



Room to Grow? The Outlook for Equities Late in the Cycle

Portfolio Managers Marc Pinto and Jeremiah Buckley discuss equity opportunities in the late stages of the current economic cycle.

Tell Tail Signs | Janus Henderson Investors

Tell Tail Signs: Don’t Bet on Recession or Disinflation

Each month, the Adaptive Multi-Asset Solutions Team provides an asset class outlook using options market prices to infer expected tail gains and tail losses.

“Whatever It Takes:” Reflecting on Mario Draghi’s Run as European Central Bank President

Oliver Blackbourn, a Portfolio Manager on the UK-based Multi-Asset Team, comments on the departure of Mario Draghi as ECB president.