Janus Henderson Multi-Asset includes teams in the US and UK. The US-based teams manage US and global asset allocation strategies. The UK-based team has asset allocation specialists, traditional multi-manager investors and those focused on alternative asset classes.

Market GPS

Investment Outlook 2021

What should be on the radar for investors in 2021? Market GPS helps direction-set with a video summary, in-depth asset class analysis and our latest portfolio manager views.



Reassessing Rates, Risks and Inflation

From the JHI Global Media Conference: A look at the key risks for equity and fixed income markets through the end of 2021.

Inflation Outlook: A Celebration of Growth or Central Bank Complacency?

From the JHI Global Media Conference: Why we believe global concerns around inflation will subside as long as strong growth persists.

Balancing Opportunities and Risks in a Portfolio

From the JHI Global Media Conference: The importance of building diversified portfolios to provide resilience.