Janus Henderson offers various multi-asset investment solutions. More specifically, our Adaptive Multi-Asset Solutions Team focuses on maximizing compound returns by mitigating large tail losses and profiting from large tail gains. We believe a distribution of returns, as a measure of risk, is important in determining terminal value, with tail risks — both positive and negative — playing a critical role.

Daily forward-looking estimates of tail losses and tail gains for major asset classes are derived from option market prices. These estimates form the basis for a dynamic asset allocation approach aimed at mitigating material losses from systemic shocks while capturing upside gains.



Global Perspectives: Making Sense of the U.S. Election

A panel discussion exploring the market implications of the 2020 U.S. election, recorded on Nov. 5 as votes continued to come through.

Options Market Warms to Divided Government

The options market signals that riskier assets may find a supportive environment in an era of split government and policy moderation.

U.S. Election Reflections: Celebrating Gridlock

In a tightly contested U.S. election, where the issue of postal votes could decide the victor, what does this mean for financial markets?