The strategy is designed to capitalize on the growth of the dynamic and evolving Chinese economy as China transitions away from an export-driven economy. The strategy aims to provide investors with a core exposure to Chinese companies incorporated and listed in Mainland China and abroad. Given the growth and prominence of Chinese equities, we believe China will become an increasingly important region both in emerging markets and global equities.


Established and robust process
The strategy employs a repeatable and robust investment process using rigorous fundamental research to identify stocks that offer excess earnings growth potential.

Dynamic strategy seeks opportunities in immature markets
The portfolio managers seek to identify investment opportunities, both at an industry and individual company level, not yet recognized by the broader market. Core to the team's philosophy is the belief that Chinese equity markets are noisy and immature, providing attractive buying opportunities for fundamentally-driven investors.

Deep insights and experience
Our dedicated management team have 40+ years of experience investing in the Chinese market.