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US Concentrated Growth

A differentiated view from the market that focuses on identifying sustainable, competitively advantaged companies that we believe will position our investments to outperform the index over time



We believe that constructing a concentrated portfolio of quality growth companies will allow us to outperform our benchmark over time. We define quality as companies that enjoy sustainable “moats” around their businesses, potentially allowing them to grow faster, with higher returns, than their competitors. We believe the market often underestimates these companies’ sustainable competitive advantage periods.


High-Conviction Approach
Fundamental research-driven approach, investing with conviction in 30 to 40 of our best large-cap growth ideas where we believe we have a differentiated view from the market.

Innovative Wide-Moat Companies
Seeks companies with sustainable competitive advantages that capitalize on their competitive moat to grow market share globally over a multi-year period. Emphasizes dominant companies driving innovation and change through disruptive technologies, products or business models.

Stock Selection Drives Return
Stock picker’s portfolio designed to deliver long-term growth of capital with a high-conviction approach. Seeks to use risk wisely, leveraging our best ideas in a concentrated portfolio to drive potential outperformance of the index over time.

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Doug Rao

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1998. Joined Firm in 2013.

Nick Schommer, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2007. Joined Firm in 2013.


RETURNS (%) (As of 03/31/2021)
Composite Gross Composite Net Russell 1000® Growth Index
3M YTD 1YR 3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception
Composite Gross 2.08 2.08 63.36 24.25 22.92 17.59 15.55
Composite Net 1.91 1.91 62.36 23.48 22.15 16.89 14.76
Russell 1000® Growth Index 0.94 0.94 62.74 22.80 21.05 16.63 10.96
RETURNS (%) (As of 04/30/2021)
Composite Gross Composite Net Russell 1000® Growth Index
3M YTD 1YR 3YR 5YR 10YR Since Inception
Composite Gross 12.08 10.35 55.13 27.47 24.57 18.03 15.84
Composite Net 11.91 10.12 54.18 26.68 23.80 17.33 15.04
Russell 1000® Growth Index 8.61 7.81 51.41 25.37 22.88 17.02 11.20