Corporate Responsibility is key to our long-term sustainable success.

We're dedicated to responsible business practices, reducing environmental impact, supporting our employees, and positively impacting our communities.

Through our Corporate Responsibility pillars, we leverage our influence to responsibly deliver value to our clients, employees, shareholders and the wider community.



Environmental sustainability is both aligned with our values and a commercial imperative.

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Managing our environmental footprint often goes hand in hand with our strategic priority to operate efficiently. We are proud to have a strong heritage of involvement with carefully selected sustainability-related organisations and initiatives.

These relationships allow us to advance broader industry-wide initiatives and helping set related public policy. As such we will continue to engage and collaborate in ways that we consider most meaningful.

Environmental advisory
We serve as a member or in an advisory capacity with carefully selected ESG organisations and initiatives.


Our people

Our core offering to clients is our intellectual capital, and this offering is strengthened by diversity of thought and varied perspectives.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is imperative to our development. Our core offering to clients is our intellectual capital, and this offering is strengthened by diversity of thought and varied perspectives. To that end, we foster an environment that values the unique talents and contributions of every individual within a culture of inclusivity.

While we and the industry still have much progress to make related to DEI, we have a strong foundation on which to build. We believe in organic evolution to cultivate and empower change by bringing in the right people at the right time, and have set DEI targets to encourage continued progress.

Diversity and Inclusion
Scored 100% in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index 2022, for our transparent and inclusive practises. Also recognised in the assessment as a best place to work for LGBTQ+ Equality.


Named among 484 firms across 45 countries and regions on
Named among 484 firms across 45 countries and regions on Bloomberg’s 2023 Gender-Equality Index for transparency in gender reporting and advancing equality for women.




Our community commitment

Our commitment to the community and our goals align with our purpose of investing in a brighter future together.

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At the heart of our mission is the promise to invest in a brighter future together, aligning our community engagement with our overarching purpose. We actively contribute to the communities where we operate, through both local initiatives and our broader investment and corporate activities.

Education is a cornerstone of our community support, reflecting our belief in its power to unlock potential. The Janus Henderson Foundation our main channel for charitable contributions, is dedicated to empowering youth with enhanced educational opportunities, while also bolstering local communities and organizations.

Junior achievement
A partnership with Junior Achievement to support financial literacy and empower the global JA Titan Programme through a US$1.6 million commitment. Young people deserve to achieve in business worldwide.
Children's program
A number of education programmes focused on developing fundamental math and literacy skills in children from less well-served communities and teacher development and talent pipeline initiatives. Improved education is an important step towards increased diversity in the investment community.


Our governance

Janus Henderson views corporate governance as essential to achieving our goals and meeting the needs of our clients. 
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Pioneering diversity and inclusion in investing

Over 100 Janus Henderson colleagues unite in celebration at Denver Pride Parade for Pride Month in 2023.