The haves and have-nots of US high yield

The haves and have-nots of US high yield

In this video, Rebecca Young, Portfolio Manager within the Strategic Fixed Income team, explains why there is more than meets the eye in the US high yield market and discusses the teams approach to achieving ‘sensible income’.

Growth slowing but precipitous drop unlikely
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Growth slowing but precipitous drop unlikely

A new video, ‘Growth slowing but precipitous drop unlikely’, is now available on the blog.

Although the current economic expansion is ageing (bringing us nearer to a recession) leading indicators do not indicate a sharp contraction. What does that mean for equity investors? Director of Research Carmel Wellso explains.

Inflation: is that it?

Inflation: is that it?

John Pattullo, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, discusses the range of factors, which in his opinion, indicate that current inflation is much more cyclical than structural.



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