Navigating Coronavirus Uncertainty: Perspectives from our investment teams, key considerations for investors and business continuity updates from executive leadership.

Find out how environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are embedded within our organization and investment principles.


RBA to markets: “We are still here”

RBA to markets: “We are still here”

Portfolio Manager Dan Siluk explains that, despite economic conditions appearing to stabilise throughout much of Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia felt compelled to recommence bond purchases to establish its credibility with respect to its yield curve control programme.

Back to business

Back to business

With economies gradually reopening and markets suggesting better times ahead, credit portfolio managers James Briggs and Tim Winstone consider whether investors should be increasing their allocation to investment grade credit.

Strategic Fixed Income: from bond glut to bond drought

Strategic Fixed Income: from bond glut to bond drought

Nicholas Ware, Portfolio Manager in the Strategic Fixed Income Team, explains why he believes the second half of 2020 will see lower net issuance in corporate bond markets following the dizzying volume of new bond issues in the first half.

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Balanced Fund

For over 20 years, this dynamic allocation strategy has delivered our equity and fixed income expertise in a one-stop core solution

Global Life Sciences Fund

By understanding the science and business of health care, the strategy invests in companies addressing unmet medical needs or improving health care efficiencies

Global Technology Fund

Seeks to invest in growth companies driving innovation or benefiting from advances in technology