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Uncommon Value

Since 1980, Perkins Investment Management has approached value investing from a unique perspective, conducting rigorous downside analysis on every potential investment prior to determining upside potential.

Perkins Investment Management strategies are being rebranded to Janus Henderson Investors. US Small Cap Value, US Mid Cap Value and US Small-Mid Cap Value strategies will have no material changes to investment staff, portfolio management, analyst resourcing or the long-term, value-oriented investment philosophy. Global Value, International Value, Value Plus Income and US Large Cap Value strategies and associated vehicles will be terminated on or before 4/30/21. US All Cap Value strategy is under review.


US Small Cap Value

Defensive small cap value equities with favorable reward-to-risk characteristics, selected through a rigorous downside analysis before determining upside potential.

Our Key Strengths

Diversified portfolios of what we believe are high-quality, undervalued stocks

Singular approach to investing for over 35 years

Disciplined valuation process measures downside risk before upside potential



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Our investment process is applied across all strategies. We take a bottom-up approach to building portfolios of what we believe are quality companies.

US Small Cap Value

Defensive Small-Cap U.S. Value Equities

US Mid Cap Value

Defensive mid-cap value equities, since 1998

US Small-Mid Cap Value

Defensive Small-Mid Cap Value Equities