For Institutional Investors in the US

Perkins Investment Vehicles

Perkins Investment Management strategies are being rebranded to Janus Henderson Investors. US Small Cap Value, US Mid Cap Value and US Small-Mid Cap Value strategies will have no material changes to investment staff, portfolio management, analyst resourcing or the long-term, value-oriented investment philosophy. Global Value, International Value, Value Plus Income and US Large Cap Value strategies and associated vehicles will be terminated on or before 4/30/21. US All Cap Value strategy is under review.

It has always been our goal to help our clients meet their needs. By offering Perkins strategies across a number of different institutional investment vehicles, we are able to provide investors with the ability to utilize our solutions within their own vehicle requirements.

Separate Accounts

Institutional separate accounts offer access to all of our strategies and dedicated client service. We can tailor and manage your portfolio to meet your guidelines and objectives. Institutional separate accounts carry high investment minimums.

US Small Cap Value

US Small-Mid Cap Value

US Mid Cap Value

Separately Managed Accounts

Available to sponsors for use on SMA platforms via single contract, dual contract or UMA/model delivery programs. Fees and account minimums vary based on strategy and type of program.

Mid Cap Value Managed Account

Mutual Funds

Funds are available in multiple share classes to meet the needs of financial intermediaries, retirement platforms, institutional investors and supermarkets.

U.S. Mutual Funds

Janus Henderson Small Cap Value Fund

Janus Henderson Small-Mid Cap Value Fund

Janus Henderson Mid Cap Value Fund

Janus Henderson Large Cap Value Fund

Janus Henderson Global Value Fund

Janus Henderson International Value Fund

Janus Henderson Value Plus Income Fund

Variable Insurance

Variable Insurance portfolios are designed for use in variable insurance products and certain qualified plans.

Janus Henderson VIT Mid Cap Value Portfolio

For information on additional vehicles and international options, please contact your Perkins representative.