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Breaking the link: GDP declines and default rates

Breaking the link: GDP declines and default rates

Jenna Barnard and Nicholas Ware, Portfolio Managers in the Strategic Fixed Income Team, muse over how low corporate default rates may prove to be despite the pandemic-induced economic shock.

Investors need to think again about the role of government bonds

Oliver Blackbourn, Portfolio Manager on the UK-based Multi-Asset Team, considers the impact of monetary policy stimulus on government bond yields worldwide, and discusses what this may mean for investors looking to maintain risk and diversification in their portfolios.

The shape of credit

The shape of credit

Portfolio managers on the Absolute Return Income Strategy look at the factors shaping credit markets from central bank support to potential resilience from financials.


What questions should investors be asking themselves?

With global life expectancy continuing to rise, five leading thinkers at Janus Henderson explain where they see the risks and opportunities associated with this important future trend.


Absolute Return Income Fund

A strategy that seeks positive returns above cash by investing primarily in fixed income securities and associated derivatives.

Fixed Interest Monthly Income Fund

A monthly paying income fund, which is one of the oldest bond funds in the UK.

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