High yield in a low yield world

In a yield-starved world, investors are seeking returns that can potentially give a lift to their fixed income portfolios. 

High yield corporate bonds carry a higher degree of risk that they may be unable to meet their obligations to bondholders. Over the longer term however, they have historically offered attractive total returns and we believe that with a selective approach to investing they can play a valuable role within a diversified portfolio.

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Discover an asset class that can offer:

An attractive source of income

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Diversification within a fixed income portfolio

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Lower sensitivity to the interest rate cycle

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Meet the Experts

Our high yield portfolio managers located in London and Denver form part of our globally integrated corporate credit team.

Tom Ross, CFA | Janus Henderson Investors
Tim Winstone, CFA | Janus Henderson Investors
Brent Olson | Janus Henderson Investors

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2002
Joined firm in 2002

Based in London

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 1998
Joined firm in 2004

Based in Denver

Portfolio Manager

Industry since 2003
Joined firm in 2015

Based in London

Portfolio Manager | Credit Analyst

Industry since 1997
Joined firm in 2017

Based in Denver

Our high yield corporate credit approach focuses on having:

  • The right team culture, people and collaborative decision-making framework
  • A research-first mentality on both macro and security selection
  • A high conviction approach that seeks opportunities across the universe
  • Robust risk management focused on taking the right amount of risk throughout the cycle

Products Managed

Horizon Euro High Yield Bond Fund

For investors seeking the potential for high overall yield and capital growth from investing primarily in European high yield corporate bonds

Horizon Global High Yield Bond Fund

A fund that accesses the total return potential of a diverse portfolio of high yield bonds from around the world

High Yield Fund

A fund that seeks to provide strong risk-adjusted returns from a portfolio of primarily US high yield corporate bonds